Salix Funding for LED Lighting

The SALIX finance scheme can be used by public sector institutions such as schools, and provides an interest free loan to be used for environmentally friendly energy saving technologies & upgrades to reduce ongoing energy consumption. Common projects include the installation of LED lighting in classrooms, and sports halls where the lights are on for long periods of time, and where efficient LED bulbs can provide a significant reduction in energy used for lighting.

SALIX loans can cover up to 100% of the cost of the upgrade, however there are a number of criteria that must be met in order to qualify for funding.

These include:

  • Payback period from the savings of 5 years or less (Some schemes can qualify for a 3 year extension to this)
  • Ability to pay using a direct debit
  • Minimum loan value of £5000
  • The cost of the CO2 Saving must not exceed £200/tonne over the lifetime of the project
  • The construction or installation of the project may not exceed a 9 month period

In order to apply for funding there are a certain details required in order to complete the application, these include the following:

  • Start date for the project
  • Estimated lifespan of the building in which the new technology is to be installed
  • Total requested funding amount
  • Average price paid for electricity per kwh
  • Electrical load (in Kwh) of the current equipment and the load of the proposed equipment to establish the annual saving for the project

A popular option for schools is to fit LED Lighting to replace inefficient fluorescent tubes. AD Antrobus provide surveys and electrical load comparison data for submission, we can also assist with the preparation of the submission to SALIX for funding.

To discuss your requirements or to arrange a free energy saving consultation and LED lighting survey give one of the team a call today on 01704 505450 or email