We know how hard it can be to find someone you trust to work in your home. Established in 1980’s AD Antrobus are trusted by homeowners, schools, colleges, landlords and businesses to provide safe and dependable electrical services.

Regardless of the scale of your project AD Antrobus can provide a complete electrical design and installation service to ensure your home is wired up safely with the latest and most efficient technology to save you money in the long run.

AD Antrobus electricians have the capability to undertake a full survey and design service for all types of domestic electrical installation. Our design team can provide support at every stage of a rewire or new build to make sure you get the electrical installation that is right for you. From identifying the most efficient use of light fittings and lamps to the placement of sockets and switches.

Commonly Asked Questions
What is rewiring ?
Rewiring is the process of removing the old electrical cables in your house, and replacing these cables with newer, usually better insulated cables. Most old cables do not contain an earth conductor which is very important. In general if your wiring is 30 years old or more then its time to get it inspected and replaced if needed.

When do I need to rewire my house?

Older wiring systems from 1960 or earlier can be unsafe, over time the rubber insulation coating the wires can degrade and become brittle, it can then start to crumble and leave exposed wiring which can be a fire risk.

If you are unsure how old your electrics are or what condition they are in AD Antrobus electricians can provide a survey to identify any faults or possible areas of concern.

There are certain regulations which have to be followed, for example when building an extension or converting a loft space Part P of the building regulations specifies that you must make sure the existing system can cope with the additional loads placed upon it by the new circuit(s).

How can I tell if I have an old or a new wiring system ?
Often the easiest way to tell if your house has been rewired is to check the fuse box, also known as the consumer unit.

There are several variations of consumer unit, but they basically fall into two categories, Old style consumer units with large ‘domino’ style fuses , often with red or white spots on. And the modern consumer unit, usually a white box with a clear plastic lid covering a number of small trip switches which isolate different parts of the household wiring, usually marked up with ‘upstairs lights’ or ‘sockets’ .

What do I do if I think I need a rewire?
These modern consumer units are typically equipped with an RCD (Residual current device) If you have the older type with the large ‘domino’ looking fuses then the chances are you need your electrical wiring system inspected to check its still safe and may need to look at rewiring to make sure the electrical system is safe and working efficiently.

The best thing to do is to get your system inspected, our electricians can survey, test and inspect your wiring to give you an idea of the condition of your system and a guide as to what work would be required to bring it up to modern standards.

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