Lux Surveys

LUX is a unit used to measure light and a LUX survey is used to measure the level of illumination of a given area. LUX Surveys can be used to ensure a working area, home, office, factory or park are adequately lit to ensure the safety of users of the area.

For example a classroom has a recommended LUX level of 300 lumens, and offices having a range of LUX requirements depending on the useage profile of the area. CIBSE (The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) provides a comprehensive guide to the different minimum LUX levels required, with factories generally requiring the highest LUX levels of up to 1000 LUX and staff areas such as cloakrooms requiring the lowest at a minimum of 100 LUX.

AD Antrobus can provide a LUX survey to identify areas with insufficient lighting and provide a design and installation scheme to ensure your building meets the latest regulations for lighting.

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